CGA-S006 Battery Mini-Charger for PANASONIC DMC Series Digital Cameras
  • CGA-S006 Battery Mini-Charger for PANASONIC DMC Series Digital Cameras

CGA-S006 Battery Mini-Charger for PANASONIC DMC Series Digital Cameras

Brand: Accessory Power
Product Code: CH-MINI-S006
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Price: $11.99
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  • Utilizes BSP Technology: Surge Protection, Thermal Cut-off, Overload Protection, Guards against short circuits
  • No Memory effect - Recharge at any time
  • California Silicon Valley Technology, Manufactured with European Quality.
  • 3 Year Warranty - ***NOW WITH GOLDEN TIPS!***
  • Light weight, Quick and Compact Charger - Ideal for travelling -110-240 V Includes FREE Euro adapter plug! 2 way micro-chip communication, only charges until full - Automatic charging cut-off-Smart charging senses battery level



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Elli Eilean Siar"" on 06/04/2009
(3 Customer Reviews)

This kit not only charges my batteries for the Panasonic DMC-LZ50 camera, but it also can charge from 12v batteries or from European voltage. And, as usual, it costs far less than the manufacturer's charger. Accessories are a very high markup type of item for a retailer, so if you don't shop around for an aftermarket unit you're being had. I had to buy this because I can't find my original Panasonic charger that shipped with the camera. Things just disappear! Especially after spring cleaning.
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ubat on 02/19/2009
(3 Customer Reviews)

I wanted a spare charger for my CGR-S006 batteries (for the Panasonic FZ18) but soon found out that Panasonic, for some obscure reason, doesn't sell it. This Pro Power model seemed to be the only option. Despite there being no posted reviews for it, I decided to take the risk. No regrets. The charger works just as well as the original Panasonic unit. Differently from the Panasonic, the Pro Power doesn't plug directly into the wall, but has a cable. There's a reason for this: it comes with another cable attachment to hook the charger up to the car lighter or DC 9V plug, so batteries can be charged in transit. This makes the Pro Power very versatile and practical. I haven't tried the CGR-S006-equivalent battery that's included in the kit, but this, for me, is just an extra -- as is the little tripod. I bought this for the charger, and am happy with it.
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M Gesoff on 12/04/2008
(3 Customer Reviews)

I have bought from Accessory Genie before with good results, so tried them again with this product. As before, product was received promptly and as ordered. I have yet to have a problem with Accessory Genie, so cannot comment on how well they resolve issues if encountered. Price was competitive. As mentioned in other reviews, the versatility of a charger (in this case, for my new and fabulous Panasonic Lumix dmc-fz28(recommended over the Canon SX10!)) that can be used at home and in the car is wonderful, an option not available from Panasonic. Don't get caught on the road with discharged batteries and no AC socket (or 2 hours time) available to recharge. Charge on the highway with this product. And, always keep a second, fully charged, battery on hand for those field trips where there's no AC socket...or car around!
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