ProGLIDE Handheld Camera Stabilizer Rig with Included Counterweights , GoPro and Smartphone Mounting Accessories - Works With GoPro HERO4 Session , HERO+ LCD , HERO3 and More

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  • Universal 1/4" tripod socket screw is perfect for smooth motion tracking, gliding, and panning shots. Works with GoPro HERO4 Session , HERO+ LCD , HERO 3 and More
  • Adjustable axles allow fast and easy wheel configuration with seamless set up for cinematic sweeping curves, circles, or straight lines
  • Rubber wheels and stainless ball bearings offer smooth rolling across a table-top, floor, asphalt, or other flat surface
  • Compact design (8.5" x 6" x 1.5") makes it extremely portable and travel ready, while still maintaining ample room for many different sizes of camera
  • Includes both a GoPro and Smartphone mount for all types of filming and photography
ProGLIDE Handheld Camera Stabilizer Rig

Smooth, Stable Video
Take your video capturing to the next level with professional-quality pans, sweeping curves, and incredibly steady motion tracking! The lightweight aluminum alloy construction helps minimize fatigue on extended shoots. The comfort-padded handle connects to the stabilizer with a easy gliding gimbal to ensure smooth movement while tracking shots.

Customizable Mounting
The included 3 weight system and height adjustment allows you to accurately counterweight your action camera for level mounting. Check your level at anytime with the built-in bubble level. The camera mount screw adjusts forward and back to accommodate different camera weights. Whether it's a skate video, HD movie, sports event or home video, the camera stabilizer allows you to film where and how you want!

GoPro and Smartphone Adapters
Included with the stabilizer are a GoPro adapter and a smartphone adapter, both of which mount on the stabilizer's 1/4" tripod screw, allowing you to pick and choose whether you use a compact digital camera, a GoPro action camera, or your smartphone.

Tech Specs:
Dimensions - 8.5" L x 6" W x 1.5" H
Load Capacity - 3 lbs.
Counterweights- 35g (2), 110g

Compatible With GoPro:

Hero4 Session
HERO2 Motorsport
HERO 2 Surf
HERO 2 Outdoor

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