USA Gear Action Camera Clip Mount with 360 Degree Rotating Head , Injection Molded Durable Plastic & J-Hook & Screw

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Product Code: GRCMACM100BKEW_CE01
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USA Gear Action Mount Series

Capture your favorite extreme sports moments with our line of USA Gear action mounts. Whether you’re rock climbing, snowboarding or mountain biking our action mounts attach to many surfaces including your vehicle and body so you can get the action shot you’ve always wanted. The durable plastic injection design ensures that the clip mount won’t snap or break even under extreme pressure. Every action mount comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty!

Clip Mount Positioning
The clip mount is the perfect accessory to help you catch the extreme moments you’ve always wanted. This versatile clip allows you to attach it to numerous surfaces to record or take pictures in any situation. Clip it on to the edge of your favorite hat, visor, belt or backpack.

How does it work?
The USA Gear Clip Mount acts as an extension of your body to help capture the exhilarating moments you’ve always wanted. Designed with 190 custom plastic injection molded teeth to, the clip mount will attach to your hat or other clothing accessories. Don’t want to attach it to yourself? No problem! The mount can be used as a hand grip or stand for your action camera to capture still shots. The quick-release mount screws slide and lock into place with ease allowing for easy attachment and removal of your camera.

All-in-One Kit
The clip mount’s J Hook allows you to connect GoPro and other action mount style cameras. It comes designed with a 360 degree rotating head that stays securely in place to capture any type of shot you desire. With an additional tripod screw adapter, you can connect virtually any compact camera, making this clip mount a universal mounting system for action and point and shoot cameras!

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